Hey guys, my name is Megan, I am 15 years old and I’m from Grand-Remous which is in the Province of Quebec.. I was raised in Grand-Remous however since the past 2 years I also live in Maniwaki, Québec. I am the current Miss Teenage Outaouais. 

my beautiful little paradise, my village!

I am a person who is naturally quiet and shy. In my opinion, my shyness is an obstacle for me; it prevents me from relating with the people around me. By participating in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, I intend to overcome this sentiment and come out stronger and more confident. I am a gentle and caring girl which a great quality. I enjoy helping people around me.

me volunteering for sick friend!

Dance is my greatest passions. I have been take dance classes at the Studio Dimension Danse since I was 2 years old. My efforts and my perseverance allow me to win prizes such as trophies and medals. Now, I am part of the competition team, and I love it! A few years ago I became a teacher to the younger dancers. My dance studio is like my second home as I usually spend 3-4 evenings a week there. Another passion I have is music. I don’t mean singing (you would not like to hear me sing, lol), but really the music as such. I don’t spend a day without listening to the songs on my phone, believe me!

me and my sister at my second dance competition!

I have not traveled all that much yet. However, I have been to Cuba and New-York, I really loved my experience of being in new places. I wish I had the chance to travel all around the world in order to discover new cultures, new people and different ways of life that are foreign to me. Traveling has always been something that interested me, so if one day I have the opportunity to go to other countries and help those in need, I will not hesitate one second to help them.


Thanks for reading me, see you soon! 

Written by: Megan
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